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Composite Fillings

Ask our dentists at Ferris Lane Dental about fillings. A composite filling is similar in colour to your teeth and blends in naturally.

Why do I need to have a filling?

When tooth decay has caused a hole to form on your tooth surface, also known as a cavity, you will need a filling.

If you don't get a filling, cavities may worsen or lead to more severe problems, such as bone loss. 

An untreated cavity can also lead to an abscess. You might also need a filling if a tooth has cracked or has been damaged.

A composite filling is appropriate when the cavity is small and the area is not exposed to a lot of force in the mouth. If the cavity to be filled is large or if it is on a molar and you grind your teeth, a composite filling may not be your best option. Our dentists will recommend what filling is best for your smile. 

Dental Fillings, Barrie

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